Flipagram is on a mission to help people of the world tell stories with the photos, videos and music on their phones.

Meet The Team

  • Farhad Mohit

    Farhad Mohit

    Farhad loves people and creates things. In addition to founding Cheerful, inc. (Flipagram's parent company), Farhad founded Shopzilla in 2004 and BizRate.com in 1996. He led BizRate.com and Shopzilla from launch to profitability and through a successful $562 million sale. .

    Farhad is a TED Patron . He sits on the board of several non-profits including Soliya.net and as a founding trustee of the Farhang Foundation .

    Farhad holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a BS in Mathematics/Applied Science and a BA in Economics with a specialization in Computing from the University of California, Los Angeles.

    What makes Farhad Cheerful… People of all kinds. Iranian poetry, culture, art , TED, Burning Man .

  • Brian C. Dilley

    Brian C. Dilley

    Brian loves building highly scalable web and mobile platforms that become a positive part of people's daily lives. Additionally he loves to assemble and manage world-class teams of passionate engineers to work along side.

    Prior to becoming Cheerful CTO, Brian was VP of Engineering at ShopNation.com ($20M exit - acquired by Meredith) where he built the team that created the company’s shopping engine, which powered the site.

    Before that he was a Lead Architect at LowerMyBills.com ($330M exit - acquired by Experian) where he built the matching engine that to this day powers their lead-gen services. Brian's matching engine increased revenues in the debt vertical by ~%800 when first deployed.

    In addition Brian has had a ton of experience at various startups that did not make it. Failure is a great teacher! In his free time, Brian starts and contributes to many open source software projects.

    What makes Brian Cheerful… My wife, my kids, my friends, video games, and home made beer.

  • Josh Feldman

    Josh Feldman

    Josh is a native of Toronto, Canada where he received his BFA in Design and Digital Media from York University and Sheridan College. He specializes in user experience, design, and software architecture and development. Josh has a special interest in making social media and technology accessible to everyone, in a creative and user-friendly manner.

    Josh’s inventive mind and broad interests brought him to New York City and now Los Angeles where his brain continues working on new and innovative ideas.

    What makes Josh Cheerful… family & friends, his dog Enzo, food, snowboarding, and surfing…his sister Julia and his two beautiful nieces.

  • Raffi Baghoomian

    Raffi Baghoomian

    Raffi is passionate about creating high quality and streamlined digital experiences which spark creativity and bring people together.

    Raffi has a BFA in Fine Art from Art Center College of Design, where he also studied Interactive Media. Raffi has worked at Huge inc. and TrueCar and has always been pursuing passion projects on the side.

    What makes Raffi Cheerful… his dog Curtis, his family & friends, art, music, good food, and spontaneous adventures.

  • John Bolton

    John Bolton

    John loves building businesses that make a significant and positive impact to people and culture. He is a passionate entrepreneur with almost 15 years of experience across the technology, digital media and wireless industries.

    Prior to joining Flipagram, John was Co-Founder & Head of Product at Muve Music, one of the largest subscription music services in the US. Before that, John ran Product for Cricket Communications where he was responsible for all of the content and data services businesses. In addition, John was Director of Business Development at Helio with a focus on mobile content/tech partnerships and, at Virgin Mobile, he built and scaled their national retail distribution channels.

    John is a New Jersey native where he studied Political Science at Montclair State University.

    What makes John Cheerful… his wife, two daughters and two dogs. John also loves music, books, golf and travel.

  • Jonathan Chu

    Jonathan Chu

    Jonathan loves building products that make people's lives simpler and better.

    Prior to joining Flipagram, Jonathan was at Google working to improve the online shopping experience across the web. Before that, he spent time architecting enterprise software solutions at Accenture.

    Jonathan holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, as well as a BS in Computer Science & Engineering from UCLA.

    What makes Jonathan Cheerful… his lovely wife, UCLA athletics (Go Bruins!), adventurous travel and eating, and light-hearted movies.

  • Ryan Perry

    Ryan Perry

    Ryan likes to develop high quality software and to be part of something that will improve the way people use technology. He originally developed risk analysis and economic software for the oil and gas industry. Gripe is his fourth internet start-up. His other internet experience incudes DotSpots where he's specialized in front-end development. He also worked with Matt Mastracci to build the Internet Explorer toolbar for StumbleUpon which was integral for their acquisition by Ebay.

    Ryan has a Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering.

    What makes Ryan Cheerful… Hockey, family and the outdoors. Enjoys games and game development in his spare time.

  • Daniel Schuler

    Daniel Schuler

    Daniel enjoys developing and tinkering with everything Android, as well as chasing down bugs.

    Daniel has an MS in Computer Engineering from USC.

    What makes Daniel Cheerful… His Corgi named Butter, taking pictures with his SLR, and finding new places to eat in downtown LA

  • Gihan Karunaratne

    Gihan Karunaratne

    Gihan enjoys creating scalable and robust back-end systems for web sites that are meaningful and help people.

    After working many years at large technology companies Gihan has been at internet startups in various roles since 2004.

    Gihan has a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

    What makes Gihan Cheerful… Nature, travel, dogs and home roasted coffee.

  • Andrey Cherkashin

    Andrey Cherkashin

    Andrey likes making web applications and services. He first started programming (in perl) when he started local ISP company in Russia.

    He likes being in a company of positive people.

    What makes Andrey Cheerful… Movies, coding, mechanical keyboards, soccer.

  • Nick Locking

    Nick Locking

    Nick is originally from the North of England by way of South-East Asia, New Zealand, Australia and London, before he finally ended up in Los Angeles. He started coding when he was 6 years old, on an ancient BBC tape-drive computer back in the prehistoric age of computing.

    What makes Nick Cheerful… getting punched in the face at martial arts class, comic books, tabletop wargaming, goth rock bands, the eternal war between Android and iOS developers, and building truly beautiful things.

  • John Lombardo

    John Lombardo

    John has developed software for everything from Androids to "Zebras". Concentrating on Android for the past few years, he now names all of his computers after famous Androids -- Ash and Bishop are the first two. In the past, John has worked for large corporations such as Boeing -- where he had the honor of working with cadets at West Point. For the past few years he's worked for several startups including Scopely, Originate and now Flipagram. John loves to solve hard problems with Android.

    John holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and an MBA in Finance.

    What makes John Cheerful… quiet nights at home with his family, camping with Boy Scouts as a Scoutmaster, touring foreign countries, racquetball and kiteboarding.

  • Mike O'Rourke

    Mike O'Rourke

    Mike enjoys dabbling in all aspects of computing, from dynamic user interfaces to operating system tuning. He has gained expertise in multiple layers of the web technology stack over the course of two decades, and with the rise of platform-as-a-service he found it natural to take on a DevOps role.

    Mike is a proponent of open source and open information, and enjoys seeing how the internet connects and informs people (especially himself).

    What makes Mike Cheerful… Life, Love, and Creativity

  • Adrian Lopez

    Adrian Lopez

    Adrian enjoys building intuitive, frictionless applications that empower users to create great things. He is especially interested in creating near native experiences with HTML/JS on mobile devices.

    He has worked with Brian at Shopnation, and with Josh and Raffi at TrueCar.

    He also enjoys going on New Adventures.

    What makes Adrian Cheerful… Snowboarding, Family and Friends, Variety and Travel

  • Raymond Gonzales

    Raymond Gonzales

    Raymond has been working for a QA engineer for over 10 years. He loves the mobile industry and its ever expanding reach around the world. Raymond’s QA interests has lead him to mobile automation where he has spent the last 4 years researching and employing automation strategies for iOS and Android platforms.

    Raymond’s professional interests aside, he enjoys playing tennis, walking his dogs, and every once in a while exploring the rest of this planet, amongst various activities.

    What makes Raymond Cheerful… his significant other Kristi, his wonderful standard poodles Charlie Bear & Teddy Bear, his family, the Lakers (GO LAKERS!), and the next adventure.

  • Brent Akamine

    Brent Akamine

    Brent loves to design great looking, simple products that people actually use. He has a BA in Fine Art from USC where he studied Design. Brent met most of the Flipagram team while working at Huge, Shopnation, and most recently TrueCar.

    What makes Brent Cheerful… spending time with family & friends, the beach, his mom's cooking and being at home in Hawaii.

  • George Snarberg

    George Snarberg

    George likes to bring people together, to create a sense of community, and to motivate. Throughout his widely diverse career, these are the themes that remain constant. He surrounds himself with positive, motivated, like-minded people that he believes in, and does his best to bring the greatness out of each one of them.

    George has a BS in Environmental Geosciences and a Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology.

    What makes George Cheerful… his wife, his family, his friends, love, the outdoors, laughter, music, art, conversation, sports, travel, ambition, the wonderful journey of life!

  • Phoenix Normand

    Phoenix Normand

    Phoenix enjoys helping to keep the train on the tracks and creating environments that allow people to achieve greatness.

    Phoenix once toured the world as a professional singer and dancer, enjoys "creating" in his spare time and is excited to be a member of the Flipagram team.

    Prior to joining Flipagram, Phoenix was at Square and Levi's Strauss.

    What makes Phoenix Cheerful… Making his boss laugh, developing scents that evoke joyful memories and writing/singing songs that make people think.

  • Aaron

    Sharon Vuong

    Sharon is passionate about creating products that bring smiles through the world of technology. From building a site to help dogs find boarding in a real home at DogVacay to customizing the online shopping experience for cute shoes at ShoeDazzle, Sharon is all about bringing joy to people with a tech savvy spin. Before her life in Product, Sharon worked at Intel where she first discovered that tech and her were meant to be.

    With true Los Angeles pride, Sharon has only been educated by Los Angeles schools, from attending preschool to getting her BA in Economics from UCLA and MBA from USC Marshall.

    What makes Sharon Cheerful… Her husband who makes her laugh like there's no tomorrow, her ewok-looking pup, and precious memories for her Adventure Book.

  • Genna Umansky

    Genna Umansky

    Genna is passionate about interacting with the flipagram community and spreading the word about flipagram. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the California State University, Northridge and was previously a Marketing Specialist for Yelp.

    What makes Genna Cheerful… having her name pronounced correctly (Geena), funny animal/baby videos, burritos, and the beach.

  • Arash Danesh

    Arash Danesh

    Arash is Flipagram’s Chief Intangibles Officer. He now works behind the scenes with a super-natural ability to help Flipagram magically get things done.

    Arash’s lifelong passion for music translates well into his new role, as he found our landmark offices on Sunset Boulevard, and speaks to us through the lyrics of the music that we play. Intangible, but real, Arash will always be a part of Flipagram’s success.

    Always a tech and internet enthusiast, Arash finished his studies in Film and Audio Engineering.

    What makes Arash Cheerful… Music, Art, Soccer (Hala Madrid!), Justice and Equality, and of course: Love!

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